Small Corner: our ambition for the future

Having originally developed as a small stand alone boutique world music festival in rural Wyre (north west), we seemed to have organically grown and developed in to a fringe festival experience bringing  international music and cultures to other festivals.

Offering visitors chance to experience, explore and embrace diversity and awaking the senses through music and visual arts from across the globe.

It is our festival within a festival that makes the world goes round.

We work with a range of performers and artists to build a unique intercultural experience and a great addition to any festival. 

In the past we have been a part of; Down by the Riverside Festival, Morecambe International Kite Festival – Catch the Wind, Tidelines Literary Festival – Grange Over Sands, Sound N Vision – Blackpool as well as Spareparts Festival with the Soundavan. 

Some of the performers we work with: 

Seby Ntege and Band

Seby Ntege is a singer songwriter from the Busoga region of eastern Uganda, renowned for producing some of the best multi-instrumentalist in the country and himself is a master of several folk instruments from his country including akogo thumb piano (a.k.a. kalimba), endongo lyre, adungu harp, percussion and endingidi, a one stringed fiddle.

Mambo Jambo

Mambo Jambo

Acoustic Roots duo, Mambo Jambo, might just be the biggest acoustic duo you’ll ever see. With their own rhythmic and joyful sound, they’ll take you on an exciting and joyousmusical journey bringing together sounds from roots, world, folk and jazz, plus their own compositions.

A fabulous musical treat is in store wherever they roll up, their tour bus packed to the brim with instruments.

Café Con Leche

Café Con Leche

Cafe Con Leche is the hottest Manchester Cuban Band that recently been choose as supporting band for the last Buena Vista Social Club orquestra tour in the North region. The band is composed by Damien Castillo, singer from Cuba, Ivan Pavon Martinez, bass player from Cuba, Chris Manis, a latin master percussionist from England and Tagné Tebu, piano player from Cameroon.

Cafe Con Leche will be playing salsa, son, cha cha cha, and a selection of songs linking their music back to its African roots.

Two Man Ting

Two Man Ting

“John Peel would play something like this on his programme and the world would suddenly seem a better place” Steve Lamacq, BBC 6 Music

“Brilliant – love this sound! If you want to get a bit of early summer, then get this in your ear holes!” Lauren Laverne, BBC 6 Music

“Jon Lewis and Jah-man Aggrey play guitar and percussion respectively, but sound more like a small combo due to their clever use of loops and no small amount of enthusiastic musicality and inventiveness. They mix profound lyrics with some lighter-hearted ditties and lively dance tracks.” Songlines Music Magazine


Our Soundavan

Hut People

Hut People

Taking the audience on a musical journey around the World, English instrumental duo The Hut People (Sam Pirt and Gary Hammond) have firmly established themselves as one of THE most unique, entertaining and best-loved acts on the UK folk scene today.

Mixing global rhythms with folk tunes from Quebec to Spain, Scandinavia to Sussex and everywhere in between, this is a quirky celebration of our rich musical heritage – and itworks so well!

“The festival season is nearly upon us, and with The Hut People gracing many of this years bashes, their infectious ‘World Folk’ will surely be winning them many new fans” Songlines Music Magazine

Mariachi Loco

Mariachi Loco

Mariachi Loco are a Mexican music band performing across the UK. With 18 years experience the band provide the best traditional Mexican Mariachi to Mariachi interpretations of modern day classics. Experts in their craft of musical art, and keeping audiences entertained.

You’ll also find the Small Corner DJs at our festival stops…

Small Corner DJs are an eclectic mix of individuals all passionate for ‘world music’ and guarantee to bring global experiences and influences and fill yourears with rhythms and beats from all over the planet.

  • Red Rooster (Beatherders’ Perfumed Garden, The Hub @ Musicport) playing world r’n’b and reggae a true retro tour of vintage vinyl.
  • Rich T (Beatherders’ Perfumed Garden, Other Worlds Festival) playing areggae stew of dub, dancehall, ska and much more.
  • Buzz Bury – Global Outlaw (Songlines @ WOMAD, Musicport, Africa Oye and Balkan Trafik (BE) – Balkan to Bhangra, Sufi to Salsa, sets full of continental shifts and drifts.
  • Plus many more….

What people say about Small Corner…

“The range of music being offered was from every corner of the world possible, it really was an audio journey of global proportions.”

“The quality of the performers and musicianship blew us away. We will be keeping our eyes and ears open for more Small Corner events.”

“A unique space – all inclusive and beautiful. An experience for all agesdesigned to create a shared experience.”

“Loved the friendly feel of the Small Corner’s world. Very relaxing chill out and different to other offerings at the festival.”

“A unique space – all inclusive and beautiful. An experience for all agesdesigned to create a shared experience.”