The Balkanics

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The Balkanics formed for an impromptu gig in 2007 and enjoyed it so much they’ve been playing ever since. They draw upon a wide range of musical influences, something that is reflected in the band members’ diverse backgrounds which range from pub sessions to sonic art installations. Their music encompasses elements of the various musical traditions of the British Isles, and looks beyond with Klezmer and Balkan tunes sitting alongside Breton, French-Canadian and original pieces. With a repertoire that is as eclectic as it is energetic, the Balkanics deliver an exciting mixture of traditional and original music in a style that is all their own. Usually a seven-piece band for this event two fiddles, bouzouki, whistle and percussion will combine in the Balkanics postmodern pan-European pot pouri to produce a rich sound that never fails to delight.

Performing : Friday
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