Gobble de Gook


Gobble de Gook is a band which performs original material, from the powerful roots of unpredictable arrangements to complex melodies and rhythms. The result is surprising blend of musical styles which is guaranteed to get you dancing. Xtof’s influences range from Afro-Cuban, Indian, Jazz, Rock and obviously French music. It is these influences which characterise the unique atmosphere of Gobble de Gook. “Be ready to enjoy and prepare yourself to join the colourful and unique world of Gobble De Gook” – Liverpool Echo

Performing : Saturday

Rich T

Rich T

With an unshakeable passion for Jamaican music, RichT will be selecting the
sweetest sunshine sounds of Rocksteady, Ska and Roots Reggae.

With hits from the vaults of the early Jamaican labels to classic tunes
from the hey day of Roots Reggae; RichT is looking forward to providing a
soundtrack to a sunny Saturday afternoon in Winmarleigh

Performing : Saturday

The Lone Stranger

The Lone Stranger basic final

Tonto is busy with a transformation vision quest, Silver has been put out to pasture and this leaves ‘The Lone Stranger’ (aka Buzz Bury) lost in a world where working alone is a hard job but somebody has to do it. The former Ranger and Global Outlaw regular puts the world in a spin with digging deep in to the vaults of his CD collection to play out the festival by bringing music from every corner of the world to this small corner of the world. Until the next time my kemo sabe’s.

Performing : Sunday


Carlito Juanito

Carlito Juanito

Carlito Juanito of Other Worlds Festival and Must Die Records promises a DJ set of way back when Freakbeat, Mod, Rockabilly, Soul, Yeh Yeh and Girlgroup from all around the globe. Expect strange cover versions and classics known and unknown.

Performing : Friday

Professor Lez Scott


Local record selector, vintage vinyl junkie and DJ. Established himself as a festival DJ playing at Bestival, Beathhrder, Solfest, Musicport and Cloud Spotting festivals, and many other events where music is prime. He has a regular roots reggae spot at the famous Number 39 bar in Darwen. He was regular DJ at the erstwhile Rolling Thunder Club in Clitheroe, where he also supported Dreadzone at the Grand. He also guests on the northern scene. From the 70s his turntables have delivered  a rich and eclectic mix of killer tracks all treasures such as roots, rare soul, and r&b rockers that get young and old jumping and stomping.

Performing : Sunday



“…We now know that every particle in the physical universe takes its characteristics from the pitch and pattern and overtones  of its particular frequencies, its singing. And the same thing is true of all radiation, all forces great and small, all information. Before we make music, the music makes us…” (from ‘The World Is Sound: Nada Brahma’ by Joachim-Ernst Berendt)

Performing : Sunday

Flat Cap 3

FlatCap3 2 Cases

The Flat Cap 3 are wanted for the great pie heist of Baxendale in 1875. They have funded their days on the run by forming a good time trio. They play everything from right now to way back when. Rock n roll to folk via reggae and swing with a twist of outlaw anarchy thrown in for good measure! Come on down to hear the story and the music, one night only then they’re on the move.

Performing: Sunday
Website: www.theflatcap3.co.uk

Cafe Con Leche


Cafe Con Leche is the hottest Manchester Cuban Band that recently been choose as supporting band for the last Buena Vista Social Club orquestra tour in the North region. The band is composed by Damien Castillo, singer from Cuba, Ivan Pavon Martinez, bass player from Cuba, Chris Manis, a latin master percussionist from England and Tagné Tebu, piano player from Cameroon. Cafe Con Leche will be playing salsa, son, cha cha cha, and a selection of songs linking their music back to its African roots.

Performing: Saturday
Youtube Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vhrh86wsk6Y

Emmanuela Yogolelo


Singer-songwriter, Emmanuela, is a professional live music performer. She facilitates singing workshops in community settings, and is available as a guest speaker around the personal experiences of immigrant asylum seekers and refugees on diverse topics. She also offers individual and collective professional development advice to artist musicians from all ethnic backgrounds doing non-mainstream music as well as she interprets French, Swahili, and Lingala.

Performing: Saturday
Website : http://www.emmanuelayogolelo.com
Youtube Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGW3KZaasrQ