Hugh Peters


Hugh Peters, from (Z)Amani, is a guitarist, bass player and composer of music who has worked in education, community arts and as a gigging musician in the North West of England for over 30 years. Educated in Manchester, he worked as a teacher of mathematics in Zimbabwe 1985-87 where his European style guitar playing became mixed in with the music schoolchildren sang, danced and played traditional drums to. Later he met and was influenced by Thomas Mapfumo, hearing his reworkings of traditional Zimbabwean and 70s ‘chimurenga’ songs, as well as other Harare based musicians making hybrid music mixing together American jazz, South African and Congolese styles into danceable African pop music.

He continues to work as a musician and educator in Manchester, which has recently seen a blossoming of global music styles growing from the strong local live music scene mixing with creative currents from around the world.

Performing : Sunday
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Blanty is playing at 12+ festivals over the summer of 2016 incl…. Knockengorroch,
Dent, Cloudspotting, Solfest, The Green Gathering (nr Bristol), Bedrock,
Playing For Change, Musicport, Beatherder & with more to be confirmed very

To say that Blanty is well travelled is a huge understatement. At various times
he’s lived in Greece, India, Ireland, The Western Sahara, Casablanca,
Montenegro, Portugal, Spain & many other countries, wherever he’s gone he’s
had his guitar on his back, embraced the culture & soaked up the local
music traditions and styles. Over the years he’s played thousands of gigs both
as a solo artist & in various bands and has appeared many times on TV &
radio around the world.

Performing : Friday
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DJ Jakks


Jakks has left the responsibility of the classroom behind and is now determined to fill her days with as much music and adventure as possible. She has been a member of Blackpool’s one and only Samba drumming band for the last 14 years and has now joined a second in Lancaster to add to the experience. She a WOMAD regular but her musical taste isn’t easy to nail down; as long as she can sing or dance to it, it must be good. Her passport is always at the ready even if recent travels include India, Cuba, Peru and the Travel since retirement has been to India, Cuba and northern Peru and in the last 12 months the Antarctic and the West coast of South America on a small expedition ship. As long as there is music and places to visit Jakks is happy.

Performing: Saturday

Richard Moss

richard moss

Richard is a powerful guitar player and a fine singer from Blackburn equally at ease with folk, ragtime, blues and contemporary fingerstyle. His driving percussive and rhythmic guitar skills are blended with subtle fingerstyle playing making him in high demand as a soloist and as a skilled accompanist for singers and traditional melody players.   Richard currently performs with Ribble Valley Trad Irish powerhouse band Drop The Floor, Mike Harding and the William Small Small Orchestra, top Ceilidh band Union Street and has performed with Malaysian Jazz guitarist Az Samad with their duo Project Squirrels in Space.

Perfoming : Sunday
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Skank Marvin


Skank Marvin (AKA Gary Ward) is a well known face in the North West music scene and can be seen performing in numerous bands, stage managing/MCing at festivals as well as promoting events in and around Lancashire. Here at ‘Small Corner Of The World’, Skank will not only be on MC and stage managing duties but also bringing his selection of ‘global grooves’ with flavours from Africa, Europe, The Caribbean and much more to the DJ booth on Friday evening

Performing: Friday



From a stint with Blackpool Promoting Music to his Global Outlaws partnership with Buzz Bury, via the Songlines tent at WOMAD, Wardy brings his love of music from the Americas to the mix. A founder member of Blackpool samba band Poco Loco back in 1999, he’s now a repinique player with Batala Lancaster.

Performing: Friday

Global Outlaws

GO Saddle Up

Forged in the white heat of Blackpool’s Fusion Friday world dance music revelries, the Global Outlaws DJ partnership was born and saddled up. With a passion for global beats and fighting music injustices, the high plains amigos Buzz and Wardy wander the land filling lugholes with tunes from all over the planet. The duo has been heard rustling beats for Manchester’s Exodus Festival, Songlines tent at WOMAD and the occasional local saloon.

Performing: Saturday


Tirikilatops press 2

Born of a fossilised egg discovered on a Korean mountainside during a heavy thunderstorm! Tirikilatops avant-garde electronic K-pop mashes up tha place with a combination of wonky beats, dayglo colours, hacked keyboards, rice wine and Halloween dress. Bom Carrot sings of snail parties, spy dolphins, hailing u.f.o’s, sea mammoths and other strange gooba all coupled to ear worm melodies that will eat at your brain for eons. They also like balloon hats.
Boogie down Seoul central!

Performing: Sunday

Merry Hell

merry hell new photo apr 2014

Founded in their native North West of England, Merry Hell is an eight-piece folk-rock band with a history, a pedigree and a bright future. In four short years they have risen to become festival favourites, their first two albums finding favour with critics, broadcasters and music fans alike. They are continuing to develop an enviable reputation for the quality of their song writing, recorded work and live performances. The band was forged in the smouldering embers of 90s folk/punk band, The Tansads.

Performing : Saturday

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Small Corner of the World is set to see the ‘Balkan’oliks’ break their hiatus with a return to the decks. The Balkan’oliks will be delivering their own unique Balkan party atmosphere to the dancefloor. Expect upbeat classic Balkan hits mixed with rare mixes and hidden gems from across Eastern Europe and the Balkan regions.

Performing : Friday
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