Carlito Juanito

Carlito Juanito

Carlito Juanito of Other Worlds Festival and Must Die Records promises a DJ set of way back when Freakbeat, Mod, Rockabilly, Soul, Yeh Yeh and Girlgroup from all around the globe. Expect strange cover versions and classics known and unknown.

Performing : Friday



Blanty is playing at 12+ festivals over the summer of 2016 incl…. Knockengorroch,
Dent, Cloudspotting, Solfest, The Green Gathering (nr Bristol), Bedrock,
Playing For Change, Musicport, Beatherder & with more to be confirmed very

To say that Blanty is well travelled is a huge understatement. At various times
he’s lived in Greece, India, Ireland, The Western Sahara, Casablanca,
Montenegro, Portugal, Spain & many other countries, wherever he’s gone he’s
had his guitar on his back, embraced the culture & soaked up the local
music traditions and styles. Over the years he’s played thousands of gigs both
as a solo artist & in various bands and has appeared many times on TV &
radio around the world.

Performing : Friday
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Skank Marvin


Skank Marvin (AKA Gary Ward) is a well known face in the North West music scene and can be seen performing in numerous bands, stage managing/MCing at festivals as well as promoting events in and around Lancashire. Here at ‘Small Corner Of The World’, Skank will not only be on MC and stage managing duties but also bringing his selection of ‘global grooves’ with flavours from Africa, Europe, The Caribbean and much more to the DJ booth on Friday evening

Performing: Friday



From a stint with Blackpool Promoting Music to his Global Outlaws partnership with Buzz Bury, via the Songlines tent at WOMAD, Wardy brings his love of music from the Americas to the mix. A founder member of Blackpool samba band Poco Loco back in 1999, he’s now a repinique player with Batala Lancaster.

Performing: Friday



Small Corner of the World is set to see the ‘Balkan’oliks’ break their hiatus with a return to the decks. The Balkan’oliks will be delivering their own unique Balkan party atmosphere to the dancefloor. Expect upbeat classic Balkan hits mixed with rare mixes and hidden gems from across Eastern Europe and the Balkan regions.

Performing : Friday
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The Immediates


Who are we? The Immediates are the hippiest numbers in town and I’ll tell you why.

We are a sharply-dressed, four piece Mod band from Blackpool – playing nothing but 1960s Mod, R’n’B, Northern Soul and Ska. If you’re a fan the sixties and all things Mod, you’re guaranteed to love The Immediates.

Performing : Friday
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Instagram: @TheImmediates
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The Balkanics

balk pic 2

The Balkanics formed for an impromptu gig in 2007 and enjoyed it so much they’ve been playing ever since. They draw upon a wide range of musical influences, something that is reflected in the band members’ diverse backgrounds which range from pub sessions to sonic art installations. Their music encompasses elements of the various musical traditions of the British Isles, and looks beyond with Klezmer and Balkan tunes sitting alongside Breton, French-Canadian and original pieces. With a repertoire that is as eclectic as it is energetic, the Balkanics deliver an exciting mixture of traditional and original music in a style that is all their own. Usually a seven-piece band for this event two fiddles, bouzouki, whistle and percussion will combine in the Balkanics postmodern pan-European pot pouri to produce a rich sound that never fails to delight.

Performing : Friday
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When aNNika was just 14, she played in front of a live audience for the first time.
Since that day, the Viennese Singer/Songwriter lives for music and passionate beyond words about her art. This passion also translates to the stage, when aNNika is singing, playing the guitar (sometimes mixing it up with ukulele, glockenspiel or kazoo) and connecting with her audience in a very personal intimate way, that reflects her song writing and personality.

Performing: Friday
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