The Lone Stranger

The Lone Stranger basic final

Tonto is busy with a transformation vision quest, Silver has been put out to pasture and this leaves ‘The Lone Stranger’ (aka Buzz Bury) lost in a world where working alone is a hard job but somebody has to do it. The former Ranger and Global Outlaw regular puts the world in a spin with digging deep in to the vaults of his CD collection to play out the festival by bringing music from every corner of the world to this small corner of the world. Until the next time my kemo sabe’s.

Performing : Sunday


Professor Lez Scott


Local record selector, vintage vinyl junkie and DJ. Established himself as a festival DJ playing at Bestival, Beathhrder, Solfest, Musicport and Cloud Spotting festivals, and many other events where music is prime. He has a regular roots reggae spot at the famous Number 39 bar in Darwen. He was regular DJ at the erstwhile Rolling Thunder Club in Clitheroe, where he also supported Dreadzone at the Grand. He also guests on the northern scene. From the 70s his turntables have delivered  a rich and eclectic mix of killer tracks all treasures such as roots, rare soul, and r&b rockers that get young and old jumping and stomping.

Performing : Sunday



“…We now know that every particle in the physical universe takes its characteristics from the pitch and pattern and overtones  of its particular frequencies, its singing. And the same thing is true of all radiation, all forces great and small, all information. Before we make music, the music makes us…” (from ‘The World Is Sound: Nada Brahma’ by Joachim-Ernst Berendt)

Performing : Sunday

Flat Cap 3

FlatCap3 2 Cases

The Flat Cap 3 are wanted for the great pie heist of Baxendale in 1875. They have funded their days on the run by forming a good time trio. They play everything from right now to way back when. Rock n roll to folk via reggae and swing with a twist of outlaw anarchy thrown in for good measure! Come on down to hear the story and the music, one night only then they’re on the move.

Performing: Sunday

Hugh Peters


Hugh Peters, from (Z)Amani, is a guitarist, bass player and composer of music who has worked in education, community arts and as a gigging musician in the North West of England for over 30 years. Educated in Manchester, he worked as a teacher of mathematics in Zimbabwe 1985-87 where his European style guitar playing became mixed in with the music schoolchildren sang, danced and played traditional drums to. Later he met and was influenced by Thomas Mapfumo, hearing his reworkings of traditional Zimbabwean and 70s ‘chimurenga’ songs, as well as other Harare based musicians making hybrid music mixing together American jazz, South African and Congolese styles into danceable African pop music.

He continues to work as a musician and educator in Manchester, which has recently seen a blossoming of global music styles growing from the strong local live music scene mixing with creative currents from around the world.

Performing : Sunday
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Richard Moss

richard moss

Richard is a powerful guitar player and a fine singer from Blackburn equally at ease with folk, ragtime, blues and contemporary fingerstyle. His driving percussive and rhythmic guitar skills are blended with subtle fingerstyle playing making him in high demand as a soloist and as a skilled accompanist for singers and traditional melody players.   Richard currently performs with Ribble Valley Trad Irish powerhouse band Drop The Floor, Mike Harding and the William Small Small Orchestra, top Ceilidh band Union Street and has performed with Malaysian Jazz guitarist Az Samad with their duo Project Squirrels in Space.

Perfoming : Sunday
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Tirikilatops press 2

Born of a fossilised egg discovered on a Korean mountainside during a heavy thunderstorm! Tirikilatops avant-garde electronic K-pop mashes up tha place with a combination of wonky beats, dayglo colours, hacked keyboards, rice wine and Halloween dress. Bom Carrot sings of snail parties, spy dolphins, hailing u.f.o’s, sea mammoths and other strange gooba all coupled to ear worm melodies that will eat at your brain for eons. They also like balloon hats.
Boogie down Seoul central!

Performing: Sunday

Bugalu Foundation

Bugalu Foundation large 2
The Bugalu Foundation plays a style of music influenced by Latin legends such as Ray Barretto, Mongo Santamaria, Tito Puente and Eddie Palmieri. Their sound is particularly evocative of the 70’s era of ‘Our Latin Thing’, when the musical traditions of New York’s east and west Harlem come together in an irresistible fusion of Jazz, Funk and Soul mixed with the Hispanic beats of ’El Barrio’.

This nine/ten piece powerhouse, which features the remarkable Vocal talent of Martin Connor, has more than a hint of Palmieri’s ‘La Perfecta’, a good dose of the guitar fuelled Afro-Latin style of Joe Battaan and has a simple aim; To move body and soul!

Performing: Sunday
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